Project notes: All the work such as site lighting, trash enclosure, site drainage, drive aisles, curb ramp, and accessible parking grease interceptor installation will be completed by landlord under separate permit.

11 week project
Start date: 12-17-18

total sq.ft. 5625 sq. ft, fully sprinklered
Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire ansul, window film, drywall, framing, acoustical ceiling, demo, concrete slab, drive thru menu boards, doors, frames, hardware, paint, tile, window film, frp, roof, bathroom signage, fire extinguishers, safe, bathroom accessories, partitions, mirrors, installation of chairs stools patio furniture office cabinet, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, insulation, fence?, steel
• Shell
o Stories – 1
o Endcap Drive Thru
o New
o PCU – No
o Structural
 Columns all columns on perimeter walls and in demising walls
 Low Points – 13’-4” to bottom of beam at the W18x24 running West to East above kitchen.
o Roof Drains roof drain leaders along rear wall
o Parapet Heights: Roof Slopes & parapet is approximately 5’H near equipment
o Frame steel frame structure
o Fire Sprinkler yes, main drops by landlord. Alterations by Habit GC.
o Fire Alarm yes, tie into LL system – Habit GC responsible for the TI modifications
o Security Cameras Allowed – Yes
• Union/Prevailing Wage – No
• Patio Info
o Slab by landlord
o Railing by landlord
o Lighting by landlord
o Cover – none
o Heaters underground stub by landlord. Habit GC to make all final connections by owner provided units.
o Misters – none
o Furniture – Habit GC to bolt down tables
o Music Allowed – Yes
• Abatement – N/A
• Staging – Adjacent parking lot
Sign Company
Brian Hogan
Stout Sign
6425 West Florissant Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63136
314.679.1370 office
Store Front by landlord
• Height 12’-0”
• Doors 7’-0”
• Frosting tinting by Habit GC per plans
• Demising by landlord
o Insulation by landlord
o Level of Finish level 4 finish
o Fire Rated – Maintain existing 1 hr. rating
o Habit able to install lines inside of demising wall – Yes per code. There is no issues with installing utilities in demising walls but since they are a fire wall then they will need to be addressed (fire caulked) as required by the local inspector to maintain the walls fire rating.
• Perimeter – By landlord
o Insulation – R-19 per landlord plans
o Fur Out yes, by landlord to encapsulate columns
o Level of Finish -level 4 per lease
Slab by Landlord
• New slab by landlord; Habit GC to repair & patch back
• Structural Makeup – 4” concrete slab on grade with 6×6 w1.4x w1.4 wwf on 10 mil vapor barrier on compacted, treated sub-soil.
• Vapor Barrier – yes per shell structural docs
HVAC by landlord – New, keynote on plans indicates by landlord
• Overall Tonnage 22.5 tons,
• Dehumidifiers yes, per spec & verified with landlord
• Economizers yes
• Smoke Detectors yes, per specifications
• Connections by landlord
• Each Unit Make/Model/Tonnage (RTU-4-dining) Carrier 48TCDD16A2A5, 15 tons; (RTU-5-kitchen) Carrier 48TCDD08A2A5, 7.5 tons
• Built in factory convenience outlet – Yes
• Built in factory disconnects – Yes
Electrical – landlord to provide underground conduit and pull string to managers office per email to landlord & GC
• Amperage and Volts 120/208v, 600 amps
• Wire Type copper, by Habit GC
• Secondary Wire & Sub-Panel by Habit GC
• Meter by landlord
• POC at corner of fire sprinkler room and Habit demising wall per email with Intertech Design and landlord.
• Meter
o Size 1-1/2”
o Master – Yes.
 Sub meter – By Landlord. The spaces will be sub-metered. The submeters will be installed up high and just after the lines enter each space.
• Line stub in size and POC – 1-1/2” inside tenant space
• Static pressure near site – 45 psi after metering and backflow preventer per lease. The landlord architect has added booster pumps to the water line system so we should not have any problem meeting the required PSI but we will not be able to verify until the water line system is completed.
• Line size 4”
• POC – inside tenant space (+/- 6’-0” from the backwall offset from center of space)
• Invert depth from top of finish floor – 1.25’ B.F.F. (-15.5” approx. 2’-7” at exterior bldg. wall)
Grease Interceptor
• Size – 1250 gallon by landlord
• Location – in front of the building
• POC – inside tenant space (+/- 6’-0” from the backwall offset from center of space)
• Grease line size 4”
• Invert depth from top of finished floor – 1.25’ B.F.F. (-15.5” approx. 2’-7” at exterior bldg. wall)
• Dedicated – yes
• Habit load data – 1263 MBH
• Manifold in place – yes
• House line size – 1-1/4”
• POC – inside tenant space, meter adjacent to rear drive-thru bump-out
• Pressure – 2 PSI
Fire Sprinklers
Shell only –
sprinkler coverage (drops and heads) distributed throughout the Premises and zoned properly per code for the shell building requirements. Tenant to modify per Tenant’s plans.
Fire Alarm
• Conduit size and POC –
1” minimum conduit and wire stubbed into the premises from base building fire alarm system terminating at a junction box within the Premises, located in fire riser room.
Trash Enclosure
• Location detached
• Number and size of bins – (2) 4 yard bins or (1) 6 yard (TBD per local adjacent tenant requirements)
• Shared
o services TBD
• Conduit size and POC
One (1) 2” conduit run from telephone backboard and stubbed to the Premises.

2. It is Habit’s understanding that site has temp power – GC to verify
3. GC to verify sewer & GI POC locations and depths at time of bid
4. GC to provide lighting package through Wiedenbach Brown. Habit now procures attic stock direct from WB
5. Stainless steel kitchen Eliason doors and frame now supplied by FSEC, Habit GC to install frames and doors
6. GC to provide 1” lettering phenolic labels for all RTU’s, T-Stats, and above ceiling and/or behind panel shut offs (gas, water, etc.)
7. All HVAC T-Stat controls and smoke duct detector resets to be located in office
8. All POS and data cable Permits required by the local AHJ will be by GC, pulls and termination by Habit IT. GC to provide all conduit and pull string in accessible area above ceiling and coordination with Habit IT department.
9. GC to provide a sewer & grease line camera video at start of construction and at turnover (before & after)
10. Habit Burger will direct hire the T&B portion of scope directly. The grease pressure test is still required to be by the GC.
11. GC to provide third party grease duct pressure test and report to Habit prior to fire wrap or close of ceiling.
12. All FSEC (all kitchen equipment) provided and installed by owner vendor
13. Hood provided by FSEC and installed by GC
14. All FSEC roof top equipment (MUA unit & fan) supplied by owner vendor and installed by GC
15. WIC & WIF and associated refrigeration equipment supplied and install by FSEC, Electrical by Habit GC.
16. All furniture and millwork provided and installed by owner vendor
17.All tile material along with setting material will be provided by Habit and installed by Habit GC, we will be including quarry tile for the back of house NO EPOXY FLOORING for this location.
a. GC will be required to submit a Material Order form as part of the Bid submission
b. Please include the cost for the labor for installation of the tile finishes for the following areas:
i. Dining room floor
ii. Dining room millwork and perimeter wall base
iii. Face of millwork provided cabinets for the Point of Sale and Beverage counter
iv. Restroom floor, base, wall and mosaic tile
v. Back of house quarry tile floor and base, along with the water proofing 12” up the wall and out from wall with epoxy grout
vi. Schluter transitions will also be provided by Habit
c. Product detail of setting material will be included in the Bid information.
18. Hot water heater, recirculation pump/timer & expansion now supplied by owner. Provide cost for install only (Division 22/22.10)

Project ID: 2188
Project Location: Richmond
Bid Due Date: 11/27/2018
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