Please review and send me pricing by 08/06/2021 by 12pm.

Project ID: 3779
Project Location: Fairfax, VA
Bid Due Date: 08/06/2021
File ID File Name Link
3780 210325 Fairfax Full T.I. Design Set DOWNLOAD
3784 Mosaic District Constr Rules and Regs DOWNLOAD
3887 210322 Mosaic D15 Patio DOWNLOAD
3888 DesignCaseRamen_FS-1 DOWNLOAD
4112 Jinya Fairfax VA PLANS 6-17-2021 DOWNLOAD
4275 UPDATED PLANS Satoshi 7.26.21 DOWNLOAD
4277 UPDATED PLANS Jinya Fairfax 7.28.21 DOWNLOAD
4278 Jinya Fairfax Structure plan 7.29.2021 DOWNLOAD
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