7) All permits and governmental agency license fees required for the General Contractor (GC) and/or his Sub-contractors are the responsibility of the GC with the exception of the building permit, health permit, signage permit and alcohol licensing permit which will be paid for and secured by the owner.
10) All Federal, State and Local taxes must be included in the bid price.
11) Please review Exhibit 3 Landlord Work Letter packet for any Landlord requirements of Contract and Subcontractors. The insurance requirements are as follows:
a. The Landlord and Owner shall be named as additional insured.
b. The Certificate of Insurance shall be delivered to the Landlord and Owner within 5 days of the award of this contract and shall remain in force until all of contractor’s work is complete including any corrective work identified by Owner is completed.
c. Insurance Requirements:
i. General Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, products and completed operations liability, and personal injury liability.
ii. Employer’s Liability: With minimum liability limits of $1,000,000 bodily injury by accident each accident, $1,000,000 bodily injury by disease policy limit; $1,000,000 bodily injury each employee.
iii. Worker’s Compensation – Statutory Limits iv. Commercial Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit. Such insurance shall cover injury (or death) and property damage. v. Property Insurance: “All Risk” by Owner.
12) It is the responsibility of the GC to receive, inventory, unload, store and secure all Owner Furnished Items supplied and delivered to the project. Any damage by Transportation Company or by others at the time of receiving must be noted on the trucking bill of laden and immediately reported to the PM.
13) It is the responsibility of the GC to set, install, hook-up, and startup all equipment with the exception of the beverage dispenser, ice machine, beer/wine dispensing system and POS as noted on the Responsibility Matrix.
19) GC is required to provide protection of all work in place, i.e. flooring materials, fixtures, etc.
20) GC is to re-key locks at construction start and provide lock-box with key for MOD Corporate access.
27) It is the GC’s responsibility to inquire and understand all regulations regarding noise or hours of work restrictions for the subject project.
28) GC shall remove all plastic protective sheeting from stainless steel equipment.
Bid Alternates: Provide the following add/deducts in the space provided on the Bid Template
1. Exterior wood trim to be broken out as alternate
2. MOD has initiated a National Account for Restroom Accessories. These may be purchased from Keith Vanderbilt @ Restroom Remodels Company. 617.500.2554, keith@restroomremodels.com. These items would be supplied by Restroom Remodels:
a. M713- Hand Dryer. VERDEdri Hi Speed, Stainless (revised specification)
b. M706- 18” Grab Bar
c. M705- 36” Grab Bar
d. M704- 42” Grab Bar
e. M702- Sanitary Napkin Disposal
f. M701- Seat Cover Dispenser
g. M710 -Mirror
h. Restroom Signs
i. P1- Toilet
j. P2- Urinal
k. P3- Lavatory Sink & Faucet
l. Partitions- Plastic Laminate (Wilsonart Canyon Zephyr)
3. Include service, with jettison, of existing grease trap and sanitary lines.
4. If Fire alarm monitoring is required, MOD approved vendor is Darvy Lee darvylee@cfpfire.com / 949-777-0266.

Project ID: 2174
Project Location: Chesterfield 11440 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23235
Bid Due Date: 11/09/2018
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2175 Full Rendering DOWNLOAD
2176 MOD_Chesterfield Permit Set 102218 (1) DOWNLOAD
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