General Construction Requirements
o The General Contractor shall abide by all Rules and Regulations as put forth by the Landlord
contained in the #4 LL requirements folder.
• The following are Owner-furnished items, installed by the General Contractor:
o Light Fixtures & Lighting Control System
o Furniture – requires some assembly. Bolt down benches.
o Water Filtration System
o Food Service Equipment – requires unpacking, set in place, final power and plumbing
connections. Refrigerator shelf placement. Dry storage shelving assembly.
o Art Tracks, decor
o Menu boards, hanging signs and miscellaneous utility boards for store operations.
• The following are Owner-furnished items, installed by the Owner’s Vendors. These items may require
power or water supply, and/or a connection:
o Stainless Steel Fixtures – requires drain connections
o Ice Machines – outlet and water supply, only. Vendor surveys and then makes connections and
o Surveillance System – Contractor will provide conduit to cameras at exposed ceiling areas.
o POS system – require power and data outlets.
o Music system – requires outlets. Contractor will provide conduit to speakers at exposed ceiling
o Storefront Signs – requires power supply, and backing.
• The following items shall be supplied and installed by the General Contractor:
o F-1 Flooring – this is the required vendor for ordering and installation
§ Eco Grip
o All restroom accessories
o Fire Extinguisher(s)
o Contractor shall supply all plumbing fixtures indicated on Sheet P0.1, EXCEPT for the following:
§ Vendor supplied Fixtures: 3comp sink p1, prep sink p2, hand sink p3, hand sink p4
§ Vendor supplied Equipment: Ice machines, Bunn water dispensers , RO system
o Exterior & Interior Doors and Door Hardware
• Provide alternates to install the following items owner-furnished items:
o Millwork
o Stone
o Sneeze-guard for pastry display
• Backing/Blocking – GC will provide all backing or blocking, as needed in the following areas:
o Restrooms: Blocking for all wall-mounted fixtures and accessories.
o IT rack in manager office.
o Wall-mounted hand-sinks
o 3 compartment sinks – dish shelving @ 5’ AFF
o 5/8” W x 30” H x 60” L (minimum) wood backing for toaster shelves .Centered at 42”AFF.
o Diaper changing table(s)
At Construction Start, for the awarded contractor:
• Submittals Required
o Paint brush-outs
o F-1 Flooring spec sheet
o Wall and Floor tile samples
o WD-1 Wood sample
o Stone sample
o PL-1 Plastic laminate.
o Door hardware, restroom accessories spec sheets

Project ID: 1989
Project Location: Bethesda, MD
Bid Due Date: 08/11/2018
File ID File Name Link
1990 Bid Set - Permit Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_060618 DOWNLOAD
1992 UPDATED 6-19 bid set - Permit Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_060618 DOWNLOAD
1993 Resubmittal Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_072418 (1) DOWNLOAD
1994 Bethesda - Tenant contractor rules _ regs DOWNLOAD
1995 Please read - LL construction rules - LL approval conditions DOWNLOAD
2034 Revised Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_090718 (1) DOWNLOAD
2035 Theater Overlay DOWNLOAD
2040 Construction Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_091218 (1) DOWNLOAD
2069 Full Permit Set Drawings-Philz Coffee Bethesda, MD DOWNLOAD
2073 CB1-Philz Coffee_Bethesda_092118 DOWNLOAD
2125 CB-3 Philz Coffee_Bethesda_100318 DOWNLOAD
2130 CB-4 Philz Coffee_Bethesda_100818 DOWNLOAD
2131 Revised Construction Set_Philz Coffee_Bethesda_100818 (1) DOWNLOAD
2146 CB-5 Philz Coffee_Bethesda_101118 DOWNLOAD
2147 054-Bethesda-LVPlan (1) DOWNLOAD
2148 APPROVED 2018-09-04 Philz Coffee - Bethesda MD R2_Reviewed DOWNLOAD
2149 Bethesda_Design Review_180827 DOWNLOAD
2150 Philz Coffee - Barista Counter Install Guide DOWNLOAD
2151 Philz Coffee BethesdaMD_Millwork_10-01-18 (SUBMITTAL 1) DOWNLOAD
2152 Philz Coffee_7247 Woodmont Ave - Cores Structural Analysis _101018 DOWNLOAD
2153 Philz Coffee_Bethesda, MD 2018-R2 DOWNLOAD
2157 CB-6 Philz Coffee_Bethesda_101218 DOWNLOAD
2158 CB-7 Philz Coffee_Bethesda_101518 DOWNLOAD
2186 Equipment Specification Book_Philz Coffee.compressed (1) DOWNLOAD
2201 Philz Coffee BethesdaMD_Millwork_10-04-18 (SUBMITTAL 2) Resubmit DOWNLOAD
2206 Philz Coffee_Bethesda, MD 2018-R5 DOWNLOAD
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