Joining the others in this newly created dining spot within the mall is Slapfish, a casual seafood restaurant featuring fish tacos and fish sandwiches. Slapfish, will be taking 2,314 square feet.

4238 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22203

Other Notes To Consider –
1. Owner/Landlord shall be responsible for the cost of the General Building Permit,
public improvement bonds (if any) and connection fees. It shall be the Contractor’s
responsibility to post insurance, business licenses or other municipality
requirements, and obtain all permits prior to the commencement of the work. Any
permits other than the General Building Permit are the responsibility of the
Contractor or appropriate trade.
2. No deviation from the Specifications on the base bid shall be considered unless
presented in writing and approved by Owner/Landlord prior to the bid due date.
Any alternates must be noted as such on a separate page on Contractor’s letterhead.
3. The Invitation to Bid shall become a part of the final contract documents.
4. By submitting a bid, the Contractor acknowledges that it has visited the site and is
aware of all conditions which relate to the work and have addressed them in the bid.
5. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to provide a copy of plans and
specifications to all parties concerned in connection with this bid.
6. Owner/Landlord reserves the right to discontinue negotiations at any time with
Contractor if an acceptable agreement on the construction price cannot be reached.
Owner/Landlords policy recommends construction contracts to be awarded to the
lowest bidder. However Owner/Landlord reserves the right to include other criteria
when awarding a contract, including, but not limited to, the number of calendar days
to complete the project, past performance of repeat contractors, quality of
workmanship, and contractor’s financial ability. In addition, no work shall
commence until Contractor has signed Owner/Landlord form of Construction
Contract, attached hereto for reference.
7. Miscellaneous Requirements:
a. Contractor is responsible for all temporary facilities such as, but not limited
to, construction trailer, storage, site security, power, hand wash,
Construction fencing & toilet facilities per O.S.H.A. requirements.
b. Compaction certificates are mandatory for utility trenches parking lot,
building slab, and foundations.
c. No job will be started without a pre-construction meeting and formal Notice
to Proceed. Construction schedules will be adhered to.
d. All existing structures, etc. (not to be reused) shall be demolished and
removed from the site and disposed of in accordance with local codes, at the
contractor’s expense. It shall be the contractor’s responsibility to preserve all
utility connections and re-use where applicable. The Contractor shall be
responsible for all utility connections.
e. A qualified/competent job superintendent must be on the job site at all times
during the course of construction and completion of the punch list.
f. Owner/Landlord requires a full set of red-lined as-built drawings turned in
prior to release of final payment. Original red-lined and permitted set of
drawings shall be returned to the Construction Manager prior to payment of
the final draw. A CD of the complete construction drawings including
revisions and change orders sent to the Owner’s office.
8. Contractor will be responsible for all wet and dry utility installation.

Project ID: 1911
Project Location: Arlington, VA
Bid Due Date: 07/28/2018
File ID File Name Link
1913 2018.0067 Slapfish Ballston Quarter- OR set- 06-19-18 (1) DOWNLOAD
2119 2018.0067 Slapfish Ballston Quarter- REV3- 09-27-18 (1) DOWNLOAD
2120 2018.0067 Slapfish Ballston Quarter- Full Set- 09-28-18 DOWNLOAD
2266 Rules for Contractors BQ 04 20 18 DOWNLOAD
2267 Hot Work Permit DOWNLOAD
2268 2018.0067 Slapfish Ballston Quarter- ID Drawings (1) DOWNLOAD
2269 2018.0067 Slapfish Ballston Quarter- LL Drawings (1) DOWNLOAD
2270 Approved Plan Set for 671 N GLEBE RD (CTBO-5954) (2) DOWNLOAD
2271 Specs-Slapfish DOWNLOAD
2273 County Docs-Slapfish Arlington, VA DOWNLOAD
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