The Project shall consist of the Work as enumerated…
1. Architectural Drawings prepared by Reitan Architects, LLC dated December 11, 2018
2. Civil Drawings prepared by Kimley Horn dated November 29, 2018
3. Landscape Drawings prepared by Kimley Horn dated November 29, 2018
4. Geotechnical Report prepared by CTL Engineering, Inc. dated December 6, 2018

The Contractors shall prepare their base bid, alternates and Progress Schedule on a start date for field construction on March 4, 2019 or sooner, if authorized by the Owner, and a project duration of 120 Calendar days. Contractor is required to include any and all overtime/premium time that would be required to complete the project within the time frame allotted above.

Please sure you read all the docs and submit rates and breakdown with your proposals.

Please send RFI’s via email to

Project ID: 2304
Project Location: Stephens City, VA
Bid Due Date: 01/23/2019
File ID File Name Link
2305 03 Stephens City VA_Architectural CDs 2018 1210 DOWNLOAD
2306 04 Stephens City VA_Civil and Landscape Plans 2018 1214 DOWNLOAD
2307 06 Geotechnical Report 2018 1206 DOWNLOAD
2308 08 Unit Price & Rate Sheet DOWNLOAD
2309 FAX_20190104_1546635052_55 DOWNLOAD
2312 RFI - Starbucks Stephen City, VA DOWNLOAD
2337 RFI Log_Stephens City VA (131 Town Run Ln) DOWNLOAD
2388 Addendum 1 full DOWNLOAD
2435 2018.12.06_18050022CIN_131TownRunRedevelopment_CTLFinalGeoRpt DOWNLOAD
2448 1818-Stephens-City-Permit-Revisions-022019 (002) DOWNLOAD
2468 Full set addendum 4 DOWNLOAD
2469 2019 0318 Drawing LOG Starbucks DOWNLOAD
2503 Construction Set Building 1818-Stephens-City-03-29-19 DOWNLOAD
2504 Site Construction Set Plans 4-2-2019 DOWNLOAD
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