ITEK Construction & Consulting, Inc.

ITEK Construction is a full service construction company, located in Herndon Virginia. Established in 1994 with a clear strategy of continuing growth, as a general contractor, ITEK Construction, Inc. has built a solid reputation of stability and exceptional client services. Our quality and satisfactory services are the reason why a large percentage of our business is with repeat clients who place their trust in us. We are committed to providing the necessary resources to complete the project on time and within budget despite the many challenges that are encountered. We manage all aspects of the commercial construction process. Our talented and loyal staff is the core of our success. Our team has broad skills and experience in construction estimating, management, and project development.

ITEK believes that every client should enjoy a finished project with their expectations surpassed. The owners are integrated in the construction process. We continue to be recognized for our top-notch construction workmanship, superior commercial construction services to our clients, highest level of safety standards and contributions to our community.

ITEK has been exceeding the established goals in almost every instance. Pursuing satisfaction of our clients in the construction industry, we tackle each challenge with safe, reliable and innovative solutions.

Core Values

We believe that fostering relationships, constant pursuit of excellence, community responsibility and ethical behavior yield the highest quality of work. Project success is determined by understanding our clients needs, business objectives, and even their competitive markets, in order to accurately define their real project needs and constraints.

We believe that the highest quality work and customer satisfaction result from adherence to these values.

Skills & Knowledge

We approach every project with one goal in mind; to exceed client’s expectations. We are able to achieve this goal because we hire the finest talent, manage every detail, imagine the unknown and articulate it for others, translate the new ideas into concrete forms and set one of the highest quality standards in the commercial construction industry.


Organizations demand fast and efficient projects that do not interrupt their business operations. At ITEK, project success is determined early on, sometimes even before actual work begins. We continually seek alternatives that will reduce the cost and duration of each project, while maintaining clean, safe and unobtrusive construction sites. We seek to understand the foundations of our clients’ criteria for decision making.