Popeyes@ 600E Pratt Street, suite 104, Baltimore, MD, 21202

The space is vacant so if you or your subs need to look at the space, I’m sure I can get the LL to give you access.
As we discussed before.
We will be supplying the walk-ins including the refrigeration. GC to install and start-up including the ice machines
We will be supplying the seating package. GC to install (Question on the typical core drilling) I’m not sure if there is a basement under our space.
We will be supplying and installing the art and décor package.
We will be supply and installing the entire equipment package along with the ansul permit and ansul installation. GC will be installing the E-Z over hood including any welding.
GC to supply and install any required hood duct work.
We will be supplying and installing all the exterior signage including any required permits.

o further clarify the plans, outlined below are items that are to be considered when preparing the bid:
1. A qualified soils engineer selected by General Contractor, in accordance with the specifications will do earthwork compaction tests and asphalt or concrete thickness test. It will be the Contractor’s responsibility to coordinate with the Engineer in order that tests are conducted at appropriate times. It is suggested that paving and base thickness be verified on the same day that paving is applied. In any case, Contractor will be responsible for patching of coring holes for integrity of patches.

2. General Contractor to verify trash dumpster size requirements with local authorities prior to bidding. Dumpster enclosure to be built to comply with local trash and recycling (if required) requirements.

3. Sign orientation shall be verified with the Owner and as per the sign permit and shall be poured at the time of the slab and the pylon sign installed as soon as possible. Concrete base size, anchor bolts, and rebar requirements from sign supplier engineering drawings. Anchor bolts furnished by the Sign Company. Power to and connection for the pylon sign will be by the General Contractor.

4. When site has been prepared to sub grade, the General Contractor shall maintain it’s stability by protecting the soil with proper drainage, plastic sheeting, insulated blankets, etc., to prevent frozen and wet conditions from occurring. Also during wet condition, the General Contractor shall include appropriate gravel to access the site.

5. Lightweight earthmoving equipment or other means shall be utilized during wet or frozen conditions to protect sub grade stability.

6. All concrete paved parking lots shall be in accordance with the Portland Cement Association and ASTM standards. Furnish specs, (i.e., thickness, joint spacing, etc.) with bid notes.

7. General Contractor to verify Site Engineering Plan allows for positive drainage away from building. and eliminates any low spots, ponding water and potential for water onto finish floor.

8. General Contractor shall investigate if asbestos exists on site and shall be removed per codes by an EPA-qualified contractor and include costs and units in his proposal.

9. General Contractor shall insure that all driveways are complete with asphalt/concrete paving joints having smooth transition per D.O.T. standards.

1. All exposed piping and conduit to be painted white in the interior and match surrounding surfaces on the exterior.

2. During floor pour, floor sinks, floor drains and cleanouts will be blocked out and poured back after all items is in place and aligned properly (locate 1’0” under equipment as code allows – plumbing).

3. Seal bottom of wood doors, and back-prime all trim and millwork, to prevent moisture penetration. All nail holes to be countersunk and sealed to match wood.

1. The Owner to furnish and to be verified, the following items to the General Contractor for installation per Popeyes specifications:
a. Restaurant equipment package.
b. Hoods, exhaust and supply fans, and bases
c. Freezer/Cooler and refrigeration
d. Safe
e. Seating, tabletops, counters, and trash package.
f. Drive-Thru detector loops
g. Interior and exterior menu boards
h. Cash register system
l. “Open Soon” banner sign (Owners discretion)

2. All equipment that is designated to be reused, shall be removed, stored, and reinstalled by the Contractor. Contractor will be responsible for the safe guard of the designated equipment during this phase of the project. If the equipment is lost or stolen the contractor will pay for a new replacement.

3. Fire suppression system will be furnished and installed by an authorized, licensed, certified agent (General Contractor to coordinate timing of installation). Gas valve furnished by Hood system vendor and installed by plumber.

4. Specific problems on equipment repairs shall have separate invoices after notifying Owner and the Equipment Vendor of details.

5. All trades to verify number of equipment pieces from equipment list and include labor and materials to install per the equipment list.

6. The Equipment Vendor may be performing an equipment punch on or before turnover date. Coordinate schedule through the equipment vendor’s Coordinator. Completion of these items is expected during the same time as the store punch list per checklist with the date yet to be determined.

1. None listed.

1. Include cost for second water meter, valve box, and backflow valve as required for irrigation system per local code. Sleeves (when applicable) to be furnished by irrigation contractor.

1. Electrical work shall include placement of conduits for primary and secondary underground electrical service as required by the local electrical utility, plus any cost for installation of such service by the utility. Provide alternate for overhead if underground is not available.

2. All parking lot lights are to be aimed and focused after dark by the installing contractor as specified with Owner’s representative or job superintendent present. Photocell shall be adjusted to energize lights and signs 30 minutes before dark.

3. Verify from equipment order the junction boxes and receptacles furnished thru the equipment vendor. Other boxes,

Fire Sprinkler
Drive thru A1 #8
Wood Ceilings Bead board
Window Sill
Light Fixtures
Storefront Frames

Project ID: 3912
Project Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Bid Due Date: 06/11/2021
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